Caitlin Akers

I am a visual artist based in the North West, UK.

I am a studio holder at The Birley Artist Studios in Preston and a founding member of
artist collective and residency programme Edition Residencies.
I work with artist’ books, printmaking and installation to explore storytelling, history and poetry.

Here is a bit more info about me 

Workshops 2023

Click on the images below to find out more about my practice  or see my list of works

Catch me at this years Od Arts Festival, Somerset, 26-28th May

Portland Print Workshop 2022

Punch and The Fight 2017

Scuola di Grafica Artist Residency, Venice 2017

Fun Fair Fan Fare 2018

Portland Print Workshop 2022

One More Round 16:9 Bilboard Project 2019

Now Look For a Marshmallow Under a Rock 2019

Fair Fight 2018

One More Round 2018

Remember The Portland Bois? 2018

Showboating 2017

Punch 2017

Undercroft 2010

Skipping Songs 2017

The Fight 2017

Sunday Works, Edition Residencies 2021

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