Caitlin Akers

Undercroft/Art School

Three artist books about a building called The Undercroft at The Manchester School of Art. I started this project by photographing my surroundings at the Manchester School of Art as a record of my final year studying. This progressed into investigating a derelict building at the school that was about to be knocked down, The Undercroft. I looked at archive photographs of the building from when it was first built and took photographs of the building in it's current state. These findings became the  'Undercoft' book.

The second book, the 'Addressograph', came about when I was given an old Addressograph machine that had been dug out of the gutted Undercroft building. I then printed the old Adressess into the book, a record of what had been lost.

The third and final book is called 'Ephemeron' a collection of writings about Undercroft or written in Undercroft. The words were from a selection of archive material from Manchester School of Art Special Collection, diary entries by artist/writer Mandi Goodier and descriptive texts I wrote. The book tells the story of the Undercroft building.