Caitlin Akers

Edition Residencies 

The Edition Residencies is a collaborative project by four artist friends Caitlin Akers, Nora Schmel, Klara Vith and Lena Wurz, connected by London but currently living and working in different cities. The project was formed in 2017 over 2-4-1 cocktails in the Peckham Pelican.

The aim of the project was to create an artist residency that could take us to one another’s hometowns so that we might respond to these visits in a playful and spontaneous way and create new work together.

With each residency, we react to the location and the conversations that we have had. We set tasks for one another and then these become part of the themes that we work with. Time constraints and facilities at hand decide what form our work will take.

The residency has a fluid approach and we are collaborating with other artist friends with each new project.

Caitlin Akers

Nora Schmel

Klara Vith

Lena Wurz

4th ED. RESIDENCY / Remote, 2020-21

SUNDAY WORKS has been created entirely through our video calls during our virtual 4th Edition Residency. Playing with our four different voices and exploring the process of editing we exchange and overlap scripts of daily routines, action versus emotion. Responding to one another‘s interior lives we capture the narrative of our routines through video and voice recordings. The editing process maps a sequence of actions in four parts.

Collaborators: Caitlin Akers, Nora Schmel, Klara Vith, Lena Wurz

3rd ED. RESIDENCY / Barcelona, Spain 2019

This time we exchanged memories of previous conversations and residencies and overlapped them during a Saturday afternoon at Produkt Burô in Barcelona. We shared vermut and tapas carrying our visualized memories from beach to bar to sofabed and used them to have more conversations in preparation of our exhibition at APT Gallery as part of Art Licks Weekend 17-20 October 2019.

Collaborators: Caitlin Akers, Nora Schmel, Klara Vith, Lena Wurz

Set of 22 collages, each 14.8 cm x 21 cm

2nd ED. RESIDENCY / Dornbirn, Austria 2018

For 2nd Ed. Residency, we visited Dornbirn in Austria. Here, we had access to a printing press, climbed a mountain, ate some dumplings and created a series of prints called Welcome to the Lizard Tower. We then held an impromptu exhibition in the kitchen and invited family and neighbours to come and view the work.

Collaborators: Caitlin Akers, Nora Schmel, Klara Vith, Paul Wardski, Lena Wurz

Set of 15 prints, each 29.7 cm x 21 cm
Drypoint, drawing, collage


1st ED. RESIDENCY / Manchester, England 2017

For the 1st Ed. Residency we visited Manchester. Whilst there, we hung out and spent two days creating a publication entitled You Are Doing Three Things, High on Marshmallows. We then went on to show and sell the publication at artist book fairs such as the Bristol Comic and Zine Fair and Glasgow Zine Fair.

Collaborators: Caitlin Akers, Charlotte Rimmer, Nora Schmel, Klara Vith, Lena Wurz, Stephanie Muqiu Yang

21 cm x 14 cm with inserted fold out 42 cm x 29.7 cm
Risograph printed, staple bound
Edition of 102



Bringing together the conversations from the 1st to the 3rd Edition Residency connected into visual compositions - As part of Art Licks Weekend 2019 'Interdependence' we set up Now Look For a Marshmallow under a Rock at APT Gallery.

17-20 October 2019
Caitlin Akers, Nora Schmel, Klara Vith, Lena Wurz


We were part of Bristol Artist's Book Event 2021 with our video SUNDAY WORKS recorded during our 4th ED. RESIDENCY. Usually at Arnolfini in Bristol, the event took place online this year and you can still watch our full piece here.